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The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial of North Texas (MGMNT) was formulated by the leaders of the Indian American Friendship Council (IAFC) and India Association of North Texas (IANT) in 2010 with the intent of memorializing the World’s greatest leader in non-violence and peace movement – Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), India.The mission of MGMNT is to bring awareness of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, methods, messages, life history to strengthen the community.

Motivated by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles and philosophy Dr. Prasad Thotakura, a well-known Indian American community leader, initiated the project involving all communities and buckled down with a lot of passion, zeal and determination along with his team members worked hard for more than four and half years in convincing the City of Irving, TX to get approvals to build Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza. Now, the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza in Irving, TX stands as the largest Gandhi Memorial in the USA. Mr. Rao Kalvala, Secretary of MGNNT, played a very crucial role since inception, oversaw the construction of the project and still has been spending numerous hours for the improvement.

Honorable South Carolina Governor Nikki Randhawa Haley attended the ground breaking ceremony of the project as the Chief Guest of honor on May 3, 2014. MGMNT Board Chairman Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Directors - Mr. Jack Godhwani, Mr. Rao Kalvala, Mr. Piyuhs Patel, Mrs. Shabnam Modgil, Mrs. Swati Shah, Mr. Dilip Patel, Mr. Paul Pandian, Mr. Tiayab Kundawala and Fundraising Chairs Mr. Sudhir Parikh, Dr. Srinivas Potluri, Mr. Kuntesh Chokshi and Mr. John Hammond worked hand in hand as Team and raised over $700,000 within a short span of 5 months to realize the dream of the community. The inaugural ceremony of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza that was held on October 2, 2014 was a spectacular event where Mr. Satish Dhupelia, the Great Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, who attended as a Chief Guest, unveiled the statue and dedicated to the community.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza is located in Thomas Jefferson Park, 1201 Hidden Ridge Drive, Irving, TX. It is situated in the heart of the DFW metroplex in a 20 acre lush green park, surrounded by clean water body and many matured trees. It is structurally designed to host 40-feet diameter platform, with solar panels and LED lights with a beautiful landscape. Mahatma Gandhi Bronze Statue at this plaza is 7-foot tall, 30-Inch wide, 1,500-lbs with powder coated weather resistant material on a 6 foot tall pedestal. The platform encompassed by 8-ft granite walls engraved with famous Mahatma Gandhi quotations as well as quotations of the famous world leaders who were influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s life. This statue was sculpted by a well-known, national award winning sculptor Mr. Burra Vara Prasad, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

MGMNT hosts many annual events like India’s Republic Day (January, 26th), Mahatma Gandhi’s Death Anniversary (Jan 30th), International Yoga Day (June 21st), India’s Independence Day (August 15th), Gandhiji’s Birthday (October 2nd) with a Peace Walk and any other relevant community related activities.

MGMNT sincerely appreciates and thanks its Advisory Board of Directors, Irving City officials Construction Committee, All Vendors, Web Team, Scores of Volunteers, IAFC and IANT leadership, and last but not least all Sponsors and donors who opened their hearts and valets and supported the project.

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